Smart talkie advantage

Smart talkie is an innovation voice typing and translating device.

It’s more convenient, more accurate, and it has more function than Gboard or iPhone built-in similar voice input function.

Over 109 languages can be translated into each other just by speaking, which is much faster than finger typing.

Imaging that a lot of things are in your hands, and you can’t type with one hand, but you must reply right now in a foreign language, then voice typing can do a real help for you.

You can use it in any App such as whatsapp, line, facebook, twitter, email and so on.

Dual language text displaying enable you make sure the device understand your original speech correctly.

It’s also very friendly to people with poor eyesight during cross-language communication, cause it has broadcast repeating function, which people can send the translated text out in speech way.

We add meeting memo function in dialogue translation section, which you can keep the translation results and share it via whatsapp or email.

The transcribe function is free for lifetime use and supports over 109 languages as well in iOS. You know usually people need to pay for monthly or yearly for the service with other App.

The language barrier cannot be a stumbling block for mutual communication.

The outside world is very wonderful, Smart talkie is willing to help you on the way of exploring together.

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Why Choose Us

1.One of the few factories which are still alive and able to ship voice translators in large QTY and safety language platform after these years impact of covid-19 epidemic.

2. Own tooling, own R&D, own factory which makes fast delivery and guaranteed quality for brand partners.

3.Safety stock for neutral raw materials which supports low MOQ for small distributors and online resellers.

4. Flexible customization without large QTY request.

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